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Are you thinking of retiring soon? Do you know which retirement plan you are eligible for? You should have put behind you a workplace pension that will provide the backbone to your retirement scheme. At Astute Money Management, we are here to help you understand more about your workplace pensions in Bournemouth and advise you on the retirement options available.

What are Bournemouth workplace pensions? Workplace Pensions Bournemouth

A Bournemouth workplace pension is a method of saving money for your retirement. This pension scheme will be arranged by the employer whereby a percentage of your income will be paid into a pension scheme.


Since the new regulations of October 2012, it is now law that employers automatically enrol eligible employees to a workplace pension scheme.

Who is eligible? You will be automatically enrolled onto a workplace pension scheme if you are:

  • Aged between twenty-two and the State Pension age
  • Work in the UK
  • Earning over £9,440 a year

Why is it important to start a workplace pension scheme?

At Astute Money Management, we advise you to start putting aside a pension scheme as early as you can. Our financial advisors are here to arrange the best retirement option for you. Taking into consideration your business interests, investments and incomes, we will evaluate the different pension schemes suitable for managing your finances in the future. As a result, you will guarantee yourself the financial security of a reliable pension scheme in the future.

Retirement options within workplace pensions in Bournemouth

Once you have set up your workplace pensions in Bournemouth, come to Astute Money Management and we will guide you through the prospective retirement options. There are many additional retirement options to choose from even before you retire and start a lifetime annuity. Some of these options include:

  • Income drawdown
  • Unsecured pension
  • Phased income
  • Short term and variable annuities

At Astute Money Management, one of our financial advisors will take you through each individual option explaining the benefits you will receive and how it will affect your finances.

We offer an “open market option” which will allow you to shop around for the right level of income for your pension fund. There are three different types of guaranteed annuities including standard, enhanced and impaired.

Our team are here to help you understand which category you qualify under by assessing your background and the features you require. Annuities are there to help you prepare your pension income for the future so that your retirement is smooth and painless.

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Why choose Astute Money Management? All of our financial advisors have been helping clients understand their finances for years. We clear up any complication with smart money advice that will leave you more clued up about the state of your pension. It is in our ethos to be honest and give you a choice in your financial planning with no hidden fees or commissions.

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