Where Can I find an Independent Financial Advisor in Bournemouth?

“I need help with my finances. Where can I find an independent financial advisor in Bournemouth?”

If you’re worried about your money and want impartial advice from a team of experts, go straight to Astute Money Management. Here, our financial advisors are prepped and qualified to help advise you on a whole range of financial issues.

Our independent Bournemouth financial advisors services

If money worries are getting you down, don’t wait long to listen to the experts with our independent Bournemouth financial advisors. At Astute Money Management, we dedicate the time and knowledge, to help you in all aspects of your finances so you overcome any financial problems.

Whether you are unsure of the latest regulations, or you want to understand more about inheritance taxes, our helpful team of advisors will help plan your finances using money-smart methods.

Pension schemes

Are you thinking of retiring? Find out the possible retirement schemes you can choose with one of our financial advisors. Even before you retire, it is important to think ahead and plan your money wisely for the event.

Our advisors will take you through the following:


Get the best price for your insurance with our Bournemouth financial advisors. We will compare the market to find you the best deals out there. With our thorough research of the market, we want to ensure you receive the paramount level of cover by discussing what providers, policies and products are available to you.

Inheritance tax/ trust funds

Inheritance often involves some heavy taxes. If you want to know how to avoid these tax liabilities, we will find ways to help you save more and pay less to the HM Revenues. Taking into account, the latest legislations, your income and your situation, we will help you manage your inheritance funds.


No matter how much you are investing, whether it will be a large or small amount, we will guide you on the right path depending on the investment you are looking for. Upon our recommendation, we will show you the best ways in which your money should be invested.

General finances

Every client that comes in seeking our help will be looking for something different. That is why we are on hand to listen to your financial problems and come up with a variety of solutions and advice on a wide range of financial topics including:

  • Financial losses and inflation erosion
  • Funding an event
  • Investment risk management
  • Paying off debts and mortgages
  • Providing an income
  • Tax bills

About Astute Money Management

Our financial advisors at Astute Money Management are devoted to giving clear and honest financial advice. So no matter what financial worries you are having at the moment, our team of professionals are here to answer all your questions. We only show you the options. It’s up to you to make the decision on what path is right for you. There will be no hidden commissions, and we work personally with you to find the best solution available.

Contact us

You will find an independent financial advisor in Bournemouth when you call Astute Money Management on 01202 263856 or email advice@astutemm.co.uk.