Whether you are looking to invest a small or large amount, we can guide you on the issues to consider and, if required, make a recommendation on how the money should be invested.

We can offer a one off solution, or we can offer a more long term service with frequent reviews to ensure your money is looked after and adapts to changing circumstances and market conditions.
There are thousands of different investments and different tax wrappers in which to hold them.

Investment Plans Bournemouth - Financial Advisors

We offer to assess:

  • Your overall circumstances to ensure the solution is suitable
  • Your specific goals and requirements to ensure the solution meets your expectations
  • A wide range of tax solutions
  • A wide range of investment types

We can help with:

  • ISAs
  • Insurance Bonds (onshore)
  • Investment Bonds (onshore)
  • General portfolios
  • Pension investments
  • Types of investments you may be considering:
  • Unit trusts & OEICS
  • Index Trackers
  • Exchange Traded Funds (synthetic and asset backed)
  • Stocks and shares
  • Structured products
  • Guaranteed bonds
  • Capital protected plans
  • Other collective investments (onshore)

Whatever you are considering, or if you are just unsure, please call us to discuss how our knowledge and expertise can help you make the right decision.

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