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Are you having trouble managing your finances? Get professional and smart money management advice in Dorset with the team at Astute Money Management. Here, we help you with your money and give you the latest tips and advice you need to keep your finances secure.

Get advice on your Dorset money management

Our ethos is to get your financial planning up to scratch so that you can plan ahead for the future. Get the best advice on your Dorset money management with the financial experts at Astute Money Management and watch your savings grow.

Our financial services include:

Retirement planning

When you are approaching retirement, ensuring your finances are in check will be of your highest priority. Our team at Astute Money Management will tell you all the retirement options you need to know to ensure you have a retirement plan that suits your needs.

We will analyse your provisions and income to advise you on which retirement option, whether it is the “flexible option” or the “Guaranteed (Inflexible) Option”, is the right one to invest your money in.

Understand more about planning your retirement through our retirement options.


Make sure you are fully protected when you apply for insurance. We can help you save money on your insurance by finding the best level of cover on the market at the best price. Through in-depth research, our insurance strategies will guide you on the different policy types available for your requirements such as level term assurance, family benefits, and critical illness lump sums.

Inheritance tax

Avoid steep inheritance tax with Astute Money Management. With us, you will receive advice on the best ways to save you money for the future. Guiding you through the current and relevant potential tax liabilities, we help you find ways to save more and pay less tax.

To find out more read the inheritance tax advice we give our clients.

Other financial schemes

No matter which aspect of your finances you need help with, Astute Money Management have the resources and experience to give advice no matter how difficult managing your money may seem. Our additional financial services include:

  • Covering tax bills
  • Funding an event
  • Incomes
  • Managing investments
  • Paying off debts and mortgages

About Astute Money Management

We understand that managing your finances is a confusing and daunting prospect. It is our belief, at Astute Money Management, that it’s up to you to make the right choices regarding your financial planning. We are here only to provide the advice and guidance on the latest financial legislations so that you can make the right decision regarding your money management.

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