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Would you like honest financial advice that you can trust? Whether you’re an individual, a family or a representative for a company, at Astute Money Management, we offer unbiased, expert financial advice. We provide you with a dedicated independent financial advisor who will assess your current situation and bestow their knowledge so you can make the best financial decision for you.

Independent financial advisor in BournemouthIFA in Bournemouth

There are two types of financial advisors available. One is known as a ‘restricted advisor’, who will work on behalf of a bank or building society. This advisor will only sell products on behalf of the company they represent, therefore not having your best interests at heart.

At Astute Money Management, we only use independent financial advisors (IFA), who do not represent a company trying to push their products onto you. Our independent financial advisors give impartial advice about products on the market offered by all financial providers, so you receive objective information to make an educated decision. Their advice is tailored to your individual circumstances and monetary projections for the future.

At Astute Money Management, our advisors are experts in a wide variety of different financial options, with more details of our retirement options below.

Retirement options

Looking forward to retirement is something the majority of us do on a daily basis. Making sure you’ve chosen the right pension plan so you’ve got enough money to comfortably live on once you’ve retired is important. At Astute Money Management, we offer two retirement options, our ‘flexible option’ and our ‘guaranteed (inflexible) option.’

Our IFAs will analyse your financial situation to best determine the right pension scheme for you. The most popular retirement option is the ‘flexible option’ as it allows you to following features:

  • Take 25% of your pension out tax-free
  • Access to your money as and when you like
  • Take money out in a lump sum
  • Pass the money on to your loved ones after you pass away
  • Lifetime annuity

Why choose our financial advisors in Bournemouth

At Astute Money Management, our main goal is to provide you with honest information that you can understand to make the best decision for your investment future. Our company formed in 2001 as a compliance consultancy company, and since then, we’ve grown to provide individuals, families and businesses with independent financial advice.

We want to build great working relationships with our clients, and we will happily visit you at your home or company site, to talk to you personally at a time that’s best suited to you. Our advisors only use state-of-the-art technology in our service and we constantly stay up to date with the most modern information surrounding the financial industry.

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