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Do you want to make the most of your savings? Manage your finances with the best financial advisors in Southampton. Whether you are retiring or just want to plan ahead for the future, Astute Money Management will provide the guidance you need to understand your finances.

Invest in the best Southampton financial advisors Financial Advisors Southampton

When you enlist the help of our Southampton financial advisors, you will be benefitting from a team who will give the most expert advice on the market. We keep up to date with the latest in finance laws and schemes to give you the best options for your finances. Our list of services includes:

Retirement options

Planning your retirement, although confusing, is something we all must think about. If you’re close to retiring, and you’re worried about your finances, let Astute Money Management help. With our careful planning, you will be able to make a wise investment with your money.

We will give you the option of two fantastic retirement options including the flexibility of an income drawdown or unsecured pension, as well as the guaranteed option that securely states the amount of money you will receive.

For more information regarding planning your retirement make sure you read the in-depth our retirement options.

Pension funds

Before you do retire, it is important that you set up a reliable pension scheme. At Astute Money Management we have three optional annuities for you to choose from including:

Standard: This is the most basic scheme available. It is beneficial to those who don’t have any underlying health issues or concerns and to whoever needs the standard pension funding.

Enhanced: If you do have any health issues to consider then our enhanced option is for you. At a higher income than the standard, the enhanced annuity is great for those who need additional insurance.

Impaired: Do you have a specific illness? This scheme gives the highest level of pension income to our clients, at the best rates, so that you will live comfortably in retirement with a well-planned pension scheme.

Look in more detail about our annuities and the schemes available for you.

Inheritance taxes and trusts

Setting up the necessary trust funds and savings will help not just you but your whole family, in the future. When you choose Astute Money Management for your financial planning, we will guide you through the latest tax legislations. With our knowledge, we will help to minimise your income tax and save you money.


Making an investment will have a huge impact and growth on your savings. As long as you make the right plans, choosing to invest, whether it is a large or small amount, will have superb results. Choose Astute Money Management and your money will adapt to any changes in the market and will be completely secure with our team of financial advisors.

What will we help you with? Our independent financial advisors in Southampton will look after the following:

  • Capital protected plans
  • Insurance bonds
  • ISAs
  • Pension investments
  • Stocks and shares

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We guarantee to give you informed and impartial advice on your finances and how best to manage your money. So when you need expert financial advisors in Southampton, look no further than Astute Money Management.

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