Financial Advisors in Southampton, Hampshire

Do you need financial advice tailored to your needs? Choose Astute Money Management today for the best financial advisors in Southampton, Hampshire. Whatever your financial requirements, we have provided many customers in Southampton with a superb financial advisory service that has been unmatched in its quality.

Our Southampton financial advisory services

At Astute Money Management, we believe in providing our Southampton customers with a wide range of options as not every finance option is suitable for every customer and their financial circumstances. We provide advice on the following:

  • Standard: This is suitable for those in good health with no lifestyle concerns. The income is slightly lower than the enhanced or impaired annuities.
  • Enhanced: If you have a specific health condition or pursue a lifestyle fraught with risks then a higher income is possible with an enhance annuity. An enhanced annuity will result in a higher pension income.
  • Impaired: If you have an illness that could reduce your life expectancy then it may be time to have an Impaired Annuity. Astute Money Management will help you get the best deal for you from the right insurer.

Read more about our annuities and how you can boost your income.


If you want to ensure that you have a comfortable retirement, shopping around for annuities will help to make the difference in your retirement. There are three types of annuities options which we have briefly summed up below:


Insurance is critical for anyone who lives in Southampton, Hampshire and will make the difference in your life. Astute Money Management have years of experience in researching and advising customers on the insurance options available on the market.

If you are interested in our insurance options, read more about our insurance options.

Inheritance tax and trusts

If you are setting up an inheritance trust or need advice on inheritance tax, Astute Money Management have the experience and knowledge in both areas to ensure you are aware of all the available options. We will bear in mind your specific needs and situation to ensure you receive tailored inheritance tax and trust advice.


Wise investments are a great way to make money, and Astute Money Management will provide you with insightful financial advice. So whether you are looking to invest in an ISA, investment bonds, or other investments, we will provide detailed advice that will help to earn you money. Find out more information about our investments.

Other financial advisory services in Southampton

In addition to the previously mentioned services, we also advise customers on other financial matters like:

  • Debts
  • Funding for events
  • Managing investment risks
  • Mitigating financial risk
  • Mortgages and more

Why Astute Money Management?

Set up in 2007, Astute Money Management are dedicated to providing customers in Southampton with a superb financial advisory service. Regardless of the financial matter, our expert team will work hard to provide you with advice that has been tailored to fit your financial situation and needs.

All costs will be discussed from the outset, and there are no hidden fees which is something we pride ourselves of at Astute Money Management.

Contact our team today for more information on our financial advisors in Southampton, Hampshire services.