Auto Enrolment Made Easy

Are you looking to automatically enrol your staff on a company pension scheme? If so, get in touch with Astute Money Management today for auto enrolment made easy. From setting up new schemes to ensuring that your existing one meets all criteria, our team can help.

Our easy and convenient auto enrolment services Auto Enrolment Made Easy

As of 2018, all employers will be required by law to provide their staff with a workplace pension scheme. This includes automatic enrolment or re-enrolment after three years if they originally opted out. At Astute Money Management, we possess sound knowledge and the expertise necessary to help you find the right pension scheme for your auto enrolment setup. If you are confused as to how to proceed, give us a call, and our advisors will help you to make an informed decision.

If you employ anyone between the ages of 22 and the state pension age, earning at least £10,000 a year and working in the UK you are obliged to enrol them into a pension scheme. There are many factors to consider and making the wrong decision could prove costly. Fortunately, our team can show you easy ways to make the auto enrolment process as stress-free as possible.

There is much to keep track of, and the prospect may seem daunting at first, but auto enrolment needn’t be a challenge. Our team can make you aware of your obligations and responsibilities which include:

  • Knowing your staging date
  • Assessing your workforce
  • Informing your staff of the changes
  • Reviewing your pension arrangements
  • Auto enrolling your eligible workers
  • Registering with ‘The Pensions Regulator
  • Maintaining records
  • Making contributions
  • Conducting payment assessments

When you enlist our services, one of our expert accountants will sit down with you to take a look at your current setup. We can work in tandem with your payroll department to find a scheme that will work for you, your employees and any payment software you may be using.

Likewise, if you possess an existing pension scheme and are looking to use it for easy auto enrolment, we can help. Our skilled advisors have a keen eye and will assess the terms and conditions of your current scheme to ascertain its suitability.

Mandatory workplace pension schemes are nearly here so there is no time to waste. For auto enrolment made easy with solutions guaranteed to keep you legally compliant, don’t delay, speak to Astute Money Management now.

Why choose Astute Money Management?

Formed in 2001 as a compliance consultancy firm, we eventually made the leap to an advisory service in 2007. Thanks to our core roots, we are well positioned to supply the best advice the industry has to offer. We strive to offer our clients a personal service that is tailored to their needs. Our auto enrolment specialists are committed to providing honest and impartial advice so you and your staff can get the most out of your workplace pension scheme.

We recognise that not everyone requires the same degree of help, which is why we insist that you specify the level of service that you receive. Are you concerned about hidden fees? Don’t be, as we are upfront with all costs with no unforeseen charges – just solid advice guaranteed to ensure an easy auto enrolment.


For auto enrolment made easy, book a face-to-face meeting with one of our accountants today. Get in contact with Astute Money Management on 01202 263856 to see how we can help.